Ryan  Shepheard

Ryan Shepheard

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First Name * Ryan
Last Name * Shepheard
Username * stripysniper
Country * United Kingdom
City Evesham
Nationality White British
Languages English



Availability: student
Website rshepheard.weebly.com


Hi there, my name is Ryan Shepheard and I'm currently in my last semester of studying for my BA (Hons) In Computer Games Animation at Teesside University.I'm in my final year currently and I'm looking for some work for my graduation starting this summer.

I would like to specialise VFX animation / art. I have a passion for creating particle effects, environmental animation and ambient destructible meshes / animations. I'm proficient in using 3DS Max, Motion Builder, Adobe After Effects, FumeFX, PFlow and Rayfire. I have experience with Maya, Krakatoa, Houdini, Real flow and Adobe Photoshop. Game engines I have worked with include UDK, Unity and Cry Engine, Implementing animations and visual effects.

In my spare time I create and compose music as I have a diverse musical background, being able to play Guitar, Drums and Piano to an advanced level. Gaming has been and always will be a huge part of my life ranging from PC to the Sega Master System.